The first ‘Miss Compost’ competition in Slovakia

Košice, 03.05.2011

A great opportunity for those interested in home composting is offered by Friends of the Earth – SPZ and the Centre for Environmental Activities, who are together organizing the first annual nationwide Miss Compost competition. Its purpose is to raise awareness of composting as a part of a modern lifestyle and to reward the creativity of people in their use of bio-waste.

Anyone who composts for personal use, regardless of their type of composting, can enter the competition. Only three photos with a brief description of one's compost, indicating its “vital statistics” (height, width and length) and "diet" are necessary. Entrants can also describe an interesting or humorous incident that happened while composting. Meanwhile the contestant should keep a bagful of compost which will be assessed by the jury.

Of all the registered submissions, the jury will select the top five for the finals. The quality of the compost assessed by the professional and general public at a chosen public event will determine the eventual order of the five finalists. All finalists will receive valuable prizes provided by e-shop - the general partner of the competition. Competitors can register by writing to: Friends of the Earth – SPZ , PO Box H-39, 040 01 Košice or electronically at The registration deadline is August 31st, 2011.

"The main aim of the competition is to promote composting as a part of a modern home and good gardening practices without using theorems from books, but using examples from real life," says Branislav Moňok from Friends of the Earth – SPZ.

Composting is a natural process in which biological wastes are, by help of living organisms, turned into compost - organic fertilizer ideal for growing plants. "We can use the nutrients contained in organic waste and return them back to the soil from which we have previously taken them for cultivation. In addition, we can easily reduce the amount of household waste by nearly one half by composting. That's why we are organizing this competition,"says Branislav Moňok . 

Friends of the Earth – SPZ is a non-profit civic organization, protecting the environment and nature in Slovakia. Friends of the Earth – SPZ focuses on minimizing environmental pollution caused by waste and toxic substances.

The Centre for Environmental Activities (CEA) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that brings together people interested in the environment and a better quality of life in Trenčín and the White Carpathians region.


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For more information about the competition contact: Jozef Gaál, tel.: 0903 772 323, e-mail:

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